French dance videos with Corey Mariuz

Corey Mariuz is a young choreographer/dancer from Windsor, ON (Canada). He worked as an assistant choreographer on the hit TV series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA.  Corey was asked by Jacquot to create dances to 10 of his songs that students could easily learn and then use  for their presentations in class. Each video has two versions: one at regular speed with the lyrics encoded and one in slow motion to help students learn the moves.

Dances for the following songs:

1. Celui-ci, celle ci

2. Chez moi

3. Connais-tu ?

4. J’ai fini

5. J’ai seize ans

6. Je suis allé

7. Qu’est-ce qu’il y a à manger ?

8. Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

9. Qu’est-ce que tu portes ?

10. Veux-tu jouer ?


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