French gesture videos with Jacquot for very young students (Pre K-1)

These videos were created by Jacquot based on Dr James Asher’s research (Total Physical Response) on the use of gestures to help accelerate the learning of a second language. Gestures that represent the meaning of the words help students learn and remember language. Created in 1992, these videos are geared to very young children.

Videos for the following 10 songs using gestures:

Gesture video 1  La danse de Zip, Zop, Zap, Zoup

Gesture video 2  Le « Halloween Boogie »

Gesture video 3  Les couleurs

Gesture video 4  Loudi lou

Gesture video 5  Mon merle

Gesture video 6  Nageons

Gesture video 7  Napoléon

Gesture video 8  Si tu aimes bouger

Gesture video 9  Si tu aimes la musique

Gesture video 10  Vive la compagnie


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