Videos that support the songs from the Welcome to French kit

Dear parents,

As you probably know, the Welcome to French kit was created to help you prepare your child for the first days and weeks of French immersion. 

You have no doubt been requested to listen to the songs from the CD that come with the kit. These songs were written by Canada’s foremost French educational songwriter (Jacquot). The songs use extensive repetition to help children learn language they will be introduced to the first few weeks of school.

Over the years, the CD from the Welcome kit has proven very effective in boosting the confidence of students, while at the same time preparing a child’s ear for French. Listen to the CD as much as possible with your child (at home or in the car). 

We are pleased to be now offering a number of videos that you can watch with your child.  These videos reinforce the the songs from the kit. Just sing along and follow the gestures the singer / dancer is doing. Little by little, your child will internalize the language.

Even though you and your child may not understand the meaning of the words, that is not important. The meaning will come in time. Do not attempt to translate the songs. Just listen to them and sing along.


La liste des vidéos :

1. Les couleurs – avec Jacquot (vintage video – similar gestures) – (With and without subtitles)

2. Si tu aimes bouger – avec Jacquot (vintage video) – (With and without subtitles)

3. Mon merle – avec Jacquot (vintage video) – (With and without subtitles)

4. Qu’est-ce qu’il y a à manger ? – avec Corey Mariuz (With subtitles and in slow motion)

5. Qu’est-ce que c’est ? – avec Corey Mariuz – (With subtitles and in slow motion)